Gift of Parthax Wiki

The following is a list of achievements for Gift of Parthax. There are 47 available achievements.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
A cloudy day.jpg A cloudy day Complete fall season
A familiar face.jpg A familiar face Complete the tutorial
A healthy dosage.jpg A healthy dosage Collect 99 health potions
A helping fist.jpg A helping fist Casting first ally spell
A melting heart.jpg A melting heart Complete winter season
A new chapter for Duredyll.jpg A new chapter for Duredyll After Parthax' death
A page turned.jpg A page turned Read the introduction story
Accustomed to death.jpg Accustomed to death Died 10 times
Beginning of ends.jpg Beginning of ends First death
Bone chiller.jpg Bone chiller Defeat Hrist
Born in blood.jpg Born in blood Defeat Parthax
Catching a cold.jpg Catching a cold Complete a challenge with only frost spells equiped
Chicken soup.jpg Chicken soup Transform 10 enemies into chickens
Collateral damage.jpg Collateral damage Damage more than 5 enemies with the effect of an explosive rune
Collector.jpg Collector Collect 2.000 gold
Complete selection.jpg Complete selection Purchase all runes available
Darker intensions.jpg Darker intensions Gain blood magic
Endurer of lightning.jpg Endurer of lightning Defeat Nereus
Ent hugger.jpg Ent hugger Complete a challenge with only earth spells equipped
Explorer.jpg Explorer Find all objects for a season
Firebug.jpg Firebug Complete a challenge with only fire spells equiped
Flood of wisdom.jpg Flood of wisdom Collect 99 mana potions
Great fairy fountain.jpg Great fairy fountain Collect 50 health potions
Ground stomper.jpg Ground stomper Defeat Mounorian
Hidden potential.jpg Hidden potential Adding 4 of same kind of rune to a spell, first time
Hoarder.jpg Hoarder Collect 5.000 gold
Immortal.jpg Immortal Complete the entire game without a single death
Keeping stock.jpg Keeping stock Collect 10 mana potions
Kisses for the bruises.jpg Kisses for the bruises Collect 10 health potions
Legend of Arif.jpg Legend of Arif Destroy all breakable objects for a season
Magic enhancement.jpg Magic enhancement Purchasing first rune
New cloak fundings.jpg New cloak fundings Open a chest with riches
Rolling in it.jpg Rolling in it Collect 10.000 gold
Ruthless spellslinger.jpg Ruthless spellslinger Defeat 500 enemies
Scrooged.jpg Scrooged Collect 20.000 gold
Secret of mana.jpg Secret of mana Collect 50 mana potions
Setting sun.jpg Setting sun Defeat Feykir
Slayer.jpg Slayer Defeat 100 enemies
Spring cleaner.jpg Spring cleaner Complete spring season
Thankfully not a Mimic.jpg Thankfully not a Mimic Open an empty chest
The future brightens.jpg The future brightens Gain light magic
Third time's the charm.jpg Third time's the charm Died 3 times
Through fire and flames.jpg Through fire and flames Complete summer season
Total extinction.jpg Total extinction Defeat 1000 enemies
Turn them to ash.jpg Turn them to ash Complete entire game using only fire as primary element
Very, very frightening.jpg Very, very frightening Complete a challenge with only Arcane spells equiped
Who's the champion now.jpg Who's the champion now? Complete blood moon season